You are You.

No matter what.  No matter when.  No matter where. 

Don't try to be someone else at work vs. home - instead be your self always. 

Give yourself time to be You.  Find the things you like, recognize the things you don't like, and you'll realize the energy you once spent trying to be the best 'professional' or the best 'wife' or the best 'mother' will ultimately translate because you will be the best You.  

You are You.  No matter what. No matter when. No matter where. 

Teen Magazine Quizzes and Why We Need More Than A, B, C

Teen Magazine Quizzes and Why We Need More Than A, B, C

Remember teen magazines in the 90s? Seventeen, YM, Cosmo Girl, and Teen People? It was a kind of a big deal. My friends and I had sleepovers and after school hangouts where we flipped through the pages with a sharpie, clipped out our favorite celebrities to post on our walls for inspiration, but mostly, we obsessed over the multiple choice quizzes.

The mags asked us VERY-IMPORTANT-I-NEED-TO-KNOW-THE-ANSWER-RIGHT-NOW questions of our lives.

The questions: "Are you a tease?" "Are you weird?" "Does your crush like you?" "What's your prom dress style?" The quizzes promised to answer our burning questions. And, it didn't stop when we...

A Voice from Future Past

A Voice from Future Past

The 1999 song "Make Yourself" by Incubus has kept it's rightful place in my list of favorite songs of all time for almost 20 years. It's stayed on my list that long (and probably won't ever leave) because it's universal. But more importantly, it feels like both a humbling message from the past and wisdom from the future.

As I grow and change through all of my moves, career changes, loves, losses, and ever-changing music tastes, Make Yourself keeps making more sense of my life and inspiring me to unapologetically, be myself. 

Offered as our weekly inspiration at Golden Rhino, here's a bit of Incubus'...

How to BElieve in YOUrself

How to BElieve in YOUrself

Ever read self help guides or articles and feel like, "yeah that all sounds great, but how the heck am I supposed to actually believe in myself?!!" The world has lots of demands and expectations, and we're all working through years of bad habits that we built up trying to be everything we were told we should be. 

So, do you need some help in how to believe in yourself? Here's a few easy-to-follow steps to get your energy flowing.

How to BElieve in YOUrself

(hint: BE YOU)

Step 1. Speak your mind (even if your voice...

Why Asking Why is B.S.

When we decided to share the 'Be You' campaign and content - we thought it only apropos to go through the six guiding questions to help create a whole picture of the topic.  So far, we've gone through:  

What it means to be yourself  and  Who are you?

These weeks we are focused on answering - Why it is important to be you

The first post...