For Happiness' Sake

Most days I feel like it is exhausting being me.  

Here’s my day:

  • Wake Up (#gratitudeattitude).
  • Feed the dog.
  • Make the coffee.
  • Get ready while simultaneously checking my phone (#fomo).
  • Load about 15 bags in the car that I need for the day (laptop bag, workout bag, things for the post office, purse, littler purse, make-up bag, lunch bag, extra snacks and sparkling water - yes, this is excessive, but not really 15 - I exaggerate)
  • Then I put my multi-tasking skills to the test: drive, make-up application, call my mother, drink my coffee & initiate work email conversations at every stop light.
  • Unload all 15 bags.
  • Go to literally 15 meetings, not an exaggeration.
  • Load all 15 bags back in my car.
  • 55 minutes of bliss @ Pure Barre.
  • Drive home singing at the top of my lungs.
  • Throw some sort of food on a plate, hopefully it is green.
  • Swig a glass of wine - a bottle if I am feeling wild.
  • Watch an episode of whatever I’m binging on - two if I am feeling wild.
  • Go to bed.

REPEAT.  [almost] Every. Damn. Day.

Whoa do I sound boring -

Shackled, actually.

As I wrote this, I could think of nothing more than handcuffs and chains - and not the sexy kind.  And my life isn’t even overrun with responsibility - I couldn’t imagine if I had kids beyond my furbaby, and my husband - I mean you parentals are all Gawds in my mind. Add a goldfish to this scene and it might put me over the edge - shoot, I have to have my groceries delivered so I don’t have a cardiac arrest in aisle 10.  Did I mention I exaggerate? (#firstworldproblems)

So here’s the joke: I must like this.
Here’s the punchline: This week - I did.

#TruthTalk:  I usually don't.  In fact, that is why we started Golden Rhino: to break up this monotony and have a passion project to give us more life and more of the life we want instead of the grind.   

So what made this week feel different?  I was doing the mundane, but it felt like I was doing it with 10%  more of my brain functioning.  I had this beautiful euphoria of a feeling all week - complete with giggle fits, moments of genuine genius, splashes of creativity and splurges of energy. I can only imagine this is what a ‘runner’s high’ feels like - or any high.

Everything looked a little brighter, I smiled a little wider, I smiled a lot, and I felt...ALIVE. Like really alive, like every cell of my body was doing a happy dance and my mind couldn’t help but join in.  I felt free and lost and safe all at the same time.   I felt special.

I felt happy.  

The feeling has since slightly dissipated, if it were a pill, I’d need another dose, but it is still lingering.  It’s like the morning after a kick-ass party and there is that one chick still swaying her hips even though the party ended hours ago, she just wasn’t ready for it to stop.

I don’t know how this overwhelming feeling of happy came about, or why it was this week.  Typically, I’d guess - our motto is ‘Take Charge’ and you can’t do that unless you have the equation to make it proactive.  But for once in my life, I am not going to try to find the answer or share some secret of life for happy to find and follow you -

I don’t want to ruin this feeling or trivialize it by analyzing and overthinking.  

I just want to roll around in it and enjoy it.  

So, that’s it.  I  just wanted to share the feeling of being happy for the sake of being happy, because I am so thankful to have had it.  I hope you get this feeling - and when you do, just roll around in it.

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