Happiness is a Ukulele

I embarked on a mission this year - to transform my mind to feel proud and confident to show my body in a thong bathing suit:  #operationthong.  However, while I’ve been working my brain through will power and focus I've found my mind has been craving more.  The more I starve it from really learning, the more I want know.

I picked up golf lessons.  It isn’t going so great, we’ve cancelled more often than we’ve practiced - but nonetheless, it is on the list.

I have Duolingo on my phone - learning French, #bucketlist.  

For my birthday, though, I got an incredible gift - a ukulele. I never expected it. Learning an instrument was on my brain for somewhere in the future - but I admit, piano was my first desire. I am a trained opera singer, so a piano made sense. But when I took hold of the ukulele, I just knew - this was the instrument for me.

Small, transportable, easy to learn - and kinda quirky - matching most of my own qualities *wink.

So, in my craving, I may have taken on a bit more than I can chew:  mind/body transformation, golf/socially viable and classic, language/the language of love, and music/ a fun, quirky and simple instrument to bring me happiness through tunes.

What I am writing about today is not about biting off more than you can chew - it is about finding hobbies that may not contribute to your daily life, but rather, enrich it just because.

I’m going to learn the ukulele, one YouTube video at a time, and bring music and rhythm to my daily life - be it at work, or the golf course, or singing songs in French - but it makes me happy to know my mind is capable of continuing to expand and store more things than I could ever imagine.

If you could think of anything you ever wanted to learn - what would it be? Allow yourself to go there, and then take action to make it happen.  The feeling of freedom will be overwhelming, along with the learning process - but oh, so worth it. 

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