How to BElieve in YOUrself

Ever read self help guides or articles and feel like, "yeah that all sounds great, but how the heck am I supposed to actually believe in myself?!!" The world has lots of demands and expectations, and we're all working through years of bad habits that we built up trying to be everything we were told we should be. 

So, do you need some help in how to believe in yourself? Here's a few easy-to-follow steps to get your energy flowing.

How to BElieve in YOUrself

(hint: BE YOU)

Step 1. Speak your mind (even if your voice shakes).

I quit one of my jobs recently because the boss was constantly nit-picking and putting me down. I was dreading it every time I drove to work. So, I hit my breaking point, put in my notice effective immediately, and didn't look back. I'm proud of myself, even though I'm making less money at the moment. I found out later that two other women followed my lead and are also cutting ties with that job. #byefelicia

Step 2. Do something that scares you. Today.

When you follow your fears, a tidal wave of vulnerability and honesty come rushing to the surface. Scary? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes. If you move forward and take action in spite of your fears, you'll force yourself to pay attention to what’s holding you back from more happiness, passion, and fun. You'll trust yourself more. You'll feel less like you need to put on a front, a show, or a brave face for others. You will embrace being more of whoever it is that you authentically are. When you prove to yourself that you can do one thing you were afraid of, you'll build a curiosity muscle that propels you to do more brave things. #followyourfear

Step 3. Be around people who believe in your greatness. Crowd out the rest. 

If you are struggling with self doubt, don't be alone. Make plans with the people in your life who build you up and remember why you value their opinions. Tell them how you feel and then be quiet and let them speak. Let them tell you that you can. Let them tell you that you will. Value their opinion like it came from the greatest, smartest, most divine source of intelligence you can imagine. #babyimworthit

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