Kindred Spirits

You have been a light, shining for me, in the dark.  - Anon

Every so often in this life we cross paths with someone we feel intrinsically drawn to - kindred spirits, souls who recognize parts of you that you can't always recognize on your own, and people who help you appreciate the human race because of how they've come to your life or been a part of it. 

Their time in your life may be fleeting, but the power they bring to your being opens up worlds you may not have otherwise known. 

It can hurt when their time in your life comes to a close - but oh, wasn't it sweet while it lasted?  Aren't you thankful to have had that moment, as short as it may be. 

Find comfort in knowing, that is your #silverlining.  Look at the collection of people in your life, past, present and future, and appreciate all they bring to you:  happiness, sadness, grief, power, appreciation.   Let it wash over you like a warm shower. Then, make sure you tell them how important they've been to you.

GAWD, how great it is we have the ability to feel.  Use those feelings to guide you, expand your brains to see different points of view and bring understanding and enlightenment.  That single act will invite more kindred spirits to your collection. 

Each of us has a purpose to one another.  It is truly incredible.


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