Listening & Living Things

It has been a rough 6 weeks remembering to #takecharge of my happiness.  Even with all the soul searching we've done here with our 'Be You' series to share that in order to be happy you have to be you - it can be hard to keep your eye on the prize. 

Easily distracted & with a looming amount of things going on during the season of spring and growth and regeneration - it is important to take the time to get centered again.  Here are some things to try when it feels like everything is being taken away from your control, and maybe even anger is creeping in: 

1. Listen to yourself

Yes, it should be added as a Golden Rhino value, but the philosophy just        doesn't get old.  If you feel like one more thing to think about is going to put you over the edge, it is ok to admit you can't maintain Whole30 this week - or that one hour at home by yourself is actually more healing than rushing in traffic to make your workout class.  Take the signs from your breathing, your skin, your attitude to recognize what you need  - and if you've been drained of energy from the million things you have to focus on,  responsibilities, and time-sensitive tasks - holy cow - give yourself a break. 

2. Ask for help

Contrary to most our beliefs, human beings are not built to be everything to everyone. If you can't handle something - ask someone else to help.  Someone could be your friend - to give you a laugh, your husband to swap chores for the week, your mom for a cry, or a personal fave: Alexa to do all the remembering for you and entertain you.   It is so therapeutic to bark an order at Alexa and know it will be carried through without complaint.  Plus, just saying 'Alexa' is kind of soothing...

3. Living Things

I'm the first to share, I do not have a green thumb.  I kill more things than live - but I love to have things around me that naturally thrive as nature intended.  (yes, read deeper into that statement than the simple science of horticulture)  Just relish in the comfort that the cycle of photosynthesis is absolutely larger than you - therefore, you can suck in all the energy it brings.  Surround yourself in nature, in plants, in puppies, and hugs and kisses from anyone who will give them to you.  (hint: get air plants - they don't need, dirt & just a sprinkle of water a week - they live on AIR! ... incredible)

You are only one person, trying to the best person you can be - and you are doing it, Peter!  


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