Teen Magazine Quizzes and Why We Need More Than A, B, C

Remember teen magazines in the 90s? Seventeen, YM, Cosmo Girl, and Teen People? It was a kind of a big deal. My friends and I had sleepovers and after school hangouts where we flipped through the pages with a sharpie, clipped out our favorite celebrities to post on our walls for inspiration, but mostly, we obsessed over the multiple choice quizzes.

The mags asked us VERY-IMPORTANT-I-NEED-TO-KNOW-THE-ANSWER-RIGHT-NOW questions of our lives.

The questions: "Are you a tease?" "Are you weird?" "Does your crush like you?" "What's your prom dress style?" The quizzes promised to answer our burning questions. And, it didn't stop when we began to reach adulthood and were picking up Cosmopolitan and Glamour. They asked "Are you good in bed?" and other adult-y things.

The instructions: Simply circle your answer for 10-15 questions and you'd find out more about yourself after you determined if you circled mostly As, Bs, or Cs.

But, the thing is, I remember I was always frustrated by the results of those old multiple choice quizzes. Often I wanted to circle more than one answer or none of them. And the description matching my answers at the end was always meh and not-so-accurate.

Ask me a question like "are you an introvert or an extrovert?" and I'll tell you "both." Ask me "are you more creative or logical?" and I'll say that "everyone is creative (it's a gift of being human)" and also "I'm both." Sometimes my answer is "none of the above" and I need a comment box to explain myself.

I know the quizzes were meant for fun, but it got me thinking. I'm taking this trip down memory lane because our brand at Golden Rhino celebrates paradoxes. We made a choice when we started the company that we wanted to showcase the power of having paradoxical traits. 

Golden Rhino's product line gives you permission to be your whole self—free to be both happy and sad, outgoing and shy, excited and scared, or whatever mix is your truth. When you're honestly being yourself, you're truly a unique mix of paradoxical traits and it's what makes you so beautiful and interesting. 

Here's to finding the courage to celebrate what it means to be YOU and create your own unique path. 

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