Change and Discomfort are the Keys to Growth

Comfort zones are just that...comfy. Doing something you're comfortable with creates ease—well, at least for awhile. But, no matter what the routine, if you do it for too long, in the same way, at the same time, it gets a little too easy and you stop growing.

You may not realize it, but your body and mind actually thrive on change and experiencing new things. When you try a new routine, move in a different way, talk to other types of people, walk on different roads, or taste new flavors, you begin to adapt to your new environment and evolve. And, when you push to work harder and challenge yourself more than you did yesterday, you get stronger.

Maybe you typically resist getting out of your comfort zone because making changes is scary and humbling. But, if you can just let yourself be scared and face the discomfort of trying something new (#followyourfear), you'll stop focusing on that fact that it's hard and start focusing on the freshness, excitement, and surprise that you've created doing that new thing. 

Here's a few of Golden Rhino's top tips for getting out of your comfort zone
and sparking growth in your life:

Cross Training

Add a new type of workout to your fitness routine. Cross training is ideal because you work out different muscle groups and get to the reap the benefits of multiple types of exercise. It not only improves your overall fitness, but it speeds up results and helps you avoid injuries. 

Say No to Sh** You Don't Want to Do

Choose to be alone and rest when you can, make less to-do lists, reply no to events you can't financially or energetically fit into your schedule, make time for activities and work that are less stressful and more rewarding, and steer away from anything that feels negative.

Break One Of Your Own Rules

Get up at 6am and workout one day a week for just a month and see what happens. Buy a Groupon from the "Things to Do" section of their site and ask a buddy to schedule a #followyourfear adventure with you. Order a clothing subscription box to try new styles. Take a trip to the grocery store and buy 10 things you've never tried before. Give a sincere compliment to a stranger or do something nice for someone you don't like or judge. #butdidyoudie


Small changes add up to big ones. Take a few steps to create new routines and it will create new channels in your brain to open up to opportunities for growth and success.


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