Three Reasons it is Fun to Be Yourself

It is no joke we are going through a serious period of self-awareness  - and on the docket is fully exploring what it means to be yourself.  So, if you needed any convincing, here is three reasons why it is fun to just be you. 

  1. You Can Be ANYTHING - no joke. You can be silly or sunny, you can be mysterious or sassy. Any little inner part of you can come out at any given time and you can be whatever part you want!  Find the little kid & be a unicorn, find your inner Beyonce and be a diva - find a load of prizes and be Oprah & give them all away!
  2. No Judgement Zone - when you are yourself, no one can fault you.  You aren't so worried about what everyone else is thinking that you bring yourself a little bit of peace- and with that, comes freedom.  You want comfort - put on those granny panties and own those VPLs, ain't nobody's beezwax but yours.  
  3. More Friends!  The most miraculously fun thing about being you is that you attract more people who want to be around you.  There is only one you - which means, there is only one you that anyone would be lucky enough to get to hang with. 

You are you. Now, isn't that pleasant? - Dr. Seuss

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