Why Asking Why is B.S.

When we decided to share the 'Be You' campaign and content - we thought it only apropos to go through the six guiding questions to help create a whole picture of the topic.  So far, we've gone through:  

What it means to be yourself  and  Who are you?

These weeks we are focused on answering - Why it is important to be you

The first post on the topic explored the themes of what happens when you do the things that represent honoring your authentic self.  We shared when you give yourself exactly what you need, it delivers back tenfold. Blessings on blessings, just for being you. 

This week - we answer the same question in a different frame of mind.  So far, I've done a good job at filling this article with a big set up and that is because I am procrastinating.  When I went to answer the question - I came up with a big fat pause.  I struggled, because when I read the question, the answer seemed like a justification of why I (or you, or us, or we) was important - and that is BS, and then I got pissed we would ever ask anyone to answer it.

We don't have to justify why we are important -  we just need to know...


Why is it important to be you?


 Because you are enough.

It is important to be you, because you are enough.
No matter who is asking it: You are Enough.  
No matter what the actual question is: You are Enough.

That doesn't mean you've reached as far as you can go, but it does mean that you don't have to be more, do more, think more, talk more, be quiet more, give more....

It means, you are here, being you - and that is enough. 

Why is it important to be you? Because...

You are enough.



Stay tuned for more on How to be you, and When and Where it is best to own the unique being you are. 


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