Your fears are trying to get your attention.

The following blog is an excerpt from the upcoming memoir Following Fear: How I Faced 30 Fears and Learned to Trust the Unknown by our Golden Rhino co-founder Laurel Moll. Stay tuned for her e-book coming to all major booksellers this January 2017!

"Consider these questions:
  • What if you knew that your fears reveal the most precious and intimate things that matter the most to you?
  • What would you do differently if you believed the Greater Universal Intelligence (or God or The Divine or [Insert Your Favorite Name Here]) offered fear as a gift to you, as a way to get your attention and live out your purpose on earth?"


     "The most important advice I’ve read on fear was from international speaker and author Amir Zoghi. He said, “Your fears are not holding you back; it’s just that your connection with your dreams has not yet become greater than your fears.” When I read Amir’s quote for the first time it hit me right in the belly the way words do when they bravely convey one of life’s universal truths. The universe threw me a huge curveball in 2013, but now that it’s all said and done, I couldn’t be more grateful for the journey that crazy summer put me on. It forced me to realize that my life was waiting for me to take the reins. Just like Amir Zoghi said, it wasn’t that my fears were so great that I couldn’t battle them…I just needed to wake up and realize that my happiness, my dreams, and my deepest passions would only become a reality in my one precious life if I started following my fears to find out where I was stuck, to shine a light on what I was holding back, and to reveal who or what I needed to let go of to be my very best self.

     I’ve also learned that fear is INTIMATELY connected with trust and with the unknown. In almost every case, if I’m afraid of something it’s because I don’t know what will happen and I don’t trust that I’ll be okay with the outcome. No matter if my scary experiences end with exhilarating joy or a tearful heartbreak, I know I’ll be closer to the truth once I allow each experience to happen—the truth of the real me, the truth of what I’m meant to do, and the truth of what makes me happy."

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When will you take the leap to uncover your greatest truths? Your biggest passion? Your highest potential?

If not now, when?

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