About Us

We are a women's lifestyle apparel line showcasing motivating mantras with inspired design.

Golden Rhino inspires people to take charge of their own happiness.  Through meaningful design and positive energy we showcase the power of the paradoxes in life. We allow ourselves the simplest pleasures in the most extravagant ways.  We are grounded through gratitude, and yet we live every day like it’s our birthday.  You’re invited.

Golden Rhino's product line gives you permission to be your whole self—free to be both happy and sad, outgoing and shy, excited and scared, or whatever mix is your truth. Each shirt is designed as a piece of art meant to inspire you and others around you. 

Our tees showcase the type of people we are. We are the the ones who know shit happens, but we let the positive prevail. We work hard and we play hard. We get just as excited for juice cleanses and workout regimens as we do for nights off scarfing pizzas and brownies. We live for challenges and growth yet we accept ourselves as we are today. Wear our tees to work out, wear out, or lift your spirits any time you need it.

We have six core values that drive our business, and our lives.  Everything we produce  tiers up to one of these core values:  

  • Happiness
  • Open Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Courage
  • Be Yourself
  • Fun!

Why Golden Rhino?

Just like us, rhinos are full of contradictions. These massive creatures are both capable of wild feisty aggression, yet they spend most of their days in peaceful solitude grazing in wide open pastures. The rhino's energy is confident and boisterous, but also quiet and steady. The vision of a golden rhino encourages us to be ourselves, live with open hearts and minds, relax our judgments, and ignite the spark that spreads joy to everyone in our path.